Pain. Without You. Hunger.

Pain Never Left

One cut,
The flow of blood,
It’s mesmerizing.
The book told me it’d numb my pain.

It did for a while till it came back full force.
One cut, two, drip.
Blood red, blood bled.
Pain fled till pain led,

Pain led my thoughts,
They went from sorrow,
Sorrow birth heartache,
Heartache birth suicidal thoughts.
That which haunts me is greater than death can fix.

January 2018

A Million More Years Without You

Today marks day 320
The 11 month and the 2oth day,
One year down without you.
A million more to go,

They said pain fades with time,
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.
Say a prayer for the dead so they might rest in peace.
While you can be the living dead.
As you can now see that which will forever haunt you,
Is greater than death, for you live with one foot on the pathway to hell.

November 2017

Favorite Companion

It wasn’t about the hunger,
It was about the days we had plenty.
From riches to rags is more depressing than death.
The days and hours you spend praying for death,
But the grim reaper slumbers.

You are left with your thoughts,
Misery is an amazing company; you’ve decided.
Maybe you should propose to torment,
She’s all you’ve known for a while.

Hunger would be a great candidate too,
You’ve gotten to know him so well.
That which plagues you is bi-sexual and bi-curious,
It hasn’t decided where exactly it’ll fuck you up.

But still they ask what haunts you,
You look them in the eyes and claim it’s just depression.
But it’s greater than that,
What haunts you is greater than you.

September 2018

©A T T Y

>> From WHAT HAUNTS YOU, an anthology of poems by ATTY.


Back again guys, hopefully this time around I’m able to keep up (I mean we lmao).

Anyways, this poem is from a book a friend of mine just released – who coincidentally happens to be running this blog with me now, heyy partner 🙋🏻 – don’t fret, we’re gonna post all the content in the book, just watch this space 😊.


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